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We keep you rolling on the industry’s top quality tires. Dob’s Brake & Auto offers one of the largest tire inventories in the county, and we beat our competitor’s prices. Your vehicle’s superior handling is possible because of premium tires that are built to last. A good tire will hug the road and enhance your vehicle’s handling around every corner. Whether you need improved handling for your high-performance sports car or a heavy-duty tire for your pickup truck, we’ll have what you need. Our selection is top-notch and our tire service expertise can take care of you and your tires long after you purchase them. Get ready for the upcoming season by equipping your vehicle with the most appropriate tires. Dob’s Brake & Auto offers tire brands that will give you excellent wet and dry traction for safe and effective driving. Snow can wreak havoc on your travel plans if you are not prepared.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Improve driving safety for you and your passengers. Be ahead of any dangerous tire conditions by making sure your tires receive the appropriate attention. Sometimes drivers will neglect their tires because they’re out of sight and out of mind. While you sit in the driver’s seat, the only problem you may notice is a flat, and by that time it’s too late. It’s also too late if you don’t notice your balding tires until extreme road or weather conditions. You want to be prepared before and rain or snow covers the road. Tires that do not have sufficient tread can have you slipping and sliding when you’re trying to brake. Poor quality tires will create dangerous situations for you, your passengers, and other cars on the road. We have excellent quality tires to make sure you stay safe on the road.

Schedule Your Tire Service Today!

Give us a call, and let us know what you’re looking for! We’ll have exactly what you need, and we’ll provide services that give you the biggest return on your investment. Your tires are your secure connection to the road, and will improve your vehicle’s handling around every turn. All superior driving experiences begin with a quality set of tires. The experts at Dob’s Brake & Auto look forward to serving you!


  • 185/70R13$51
  • 185/65R14$46
  • 185/70R14$54
  • 195/65R14$64
  • 195/70R14$59
  • 205/60R15$59
  • 205/65R15$59
  • 205/70R14$65


  • 215/70R14$74
  • 215/70R15$69
  • 215/75R15$69
  • 225/70R15$89
  • 225/75R15$79
  • 235/70R15$89
  • 235/75R15$71

Truck - Light Truck

  • 225/70R16$89
  • 235/70R15$89
  • 235/75R15$99
  • 245/70R16$109
  • 245/70R17$119
  • 245/75R16$129
  • 245/75R17$139
  • 255/70R16$109
  • 265/60R18$129
  • 265/65R17$119
  • 265/65R18$159
  • 265/70R16$115
  • 265/70R17$115
  • 265/75R16$139
  • 225/55R20$139


  • 205/50R17$75
  • 205/55R16$65
  • 215/45R17$65
  • 215/50R17$70
  • 215/55R17$70
  • 225/35R20$75
  • 225/40R18$65
  • 225/45R17$65
  • 245/35R20$89
  • 265/35R22$112
  • 225/45R20$109
  • 305/40R22$112
  • 305/45R22$127

SUV - Crossover

  • 215/65R16$69
  • 215/70R16$79
  • 225/55R19$119
  • 225/65R16$89
  • 225/70R16$89
  • 225/65R17$89
  • 235/55R18$119
  • 235/55R19$129
  • 235/65R16$79
  • 235/65R17$89
  • 235/70R16$85
  • 235/70R17$85
  • 245/65R17$99


  • 195/60R15$59
  • 195/65R15$59
  • 205/60R15$59
  • 205/65R15$59
  • 215/60R15$69
  • 215/60R16$75
  • 225/60R16$75
  • 205/55R16$65
  • 215/50R17$70
  • 215/55R17$70
  • 225/50R17$79
  • 225/55R17$79