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Your vehicle will usually let you know when it’s time to visit Dob’s Brake & Auto in Oxnard. There are many symptoms of a potential problem, and our experts are here to identify these issues before they become too costly. If you hear a high-pitched squeal whenever you press your brakes, this is a sign that your brake pads have worn too low. It’s definitely time to bring your vehicle in for service. This is an early alert and your braking system is designed to give you this warning in enough time to get them serviced. If you wait too long the sound will turn from a squeal to a metal-on-metal grinding. Drivers might let their braking pads wear down this far because they simply don’t realize what condition their braking system is in. The car stereo or the air conditioning could be too loud. Simply rolling the window down would clue you into a brake service need. Or you could just listen to the other cars and pedestrians around you. Once your brakes have worn to the point of grinding metal, you should seek brake service immediately. The individual parts of your braking system like the rotors, calipers, and pads can be permanently damaged if your continue to drive on them.

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The vehicle’s braking system problems may be felt every time you apply your brakes. If you notice a shaking or a vibration under your foot, this is indicating a braking system that is malfunctioning. To keep your vehicle safe for the road, you need a professional brake service performed. Dob’s Brake & Auto will make sure the vehicle is secure. If you’ve been noticing this type of vibration for a long time, you should bring your vehicle to our repair facility as soon as possible.

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Call us today for a free brake inspection. We’ll let you know if that noise you’ve been hearing, or that shudder you’ve been feeling is a problem or not. Dob’s Brake & Auto specializes in every brake service need your vehicle could have. Our team is experienced in brake repairs for all makes and models of vehicles.