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Drive Straighter–Preserve Your Tires

Your vehicle’s wheels can be misaligned from normal wear-and-tear. As you add miles to your car, its wheels will gradually become out of line. It takes sophisticated wheel alignment equipment to make sure you’re driving as straight as can be. Dob’s Brake & Auto specializes in providing accurate alignment services for all makes and models of vehicles. If you allow your tires to go too long without alignment service, your tire tread will wear unevenly. This can only be corrected by an expert wheel alignment. It becomes quite costly when you find yourself replacing your tires after only half the amount of its expected use. Wheel alignments should be addressed as soon as you notice a problem. The first indication is usually a slight pulling to the right or left when driving. Vehicles will want to veer in one direction, and drivers may even unconsciously begin to compensate for this. This will only delay service and sacrifice your tire’s condition.

Potholes and Runaway Curbs–Enemies of the Alignment

Sometimes, your vehicle will experience a minor collision with a pothole or a curb. The impact may seem harmless enough because it doesn’t prevent you from continuing to drive. What often happens is your vehicle’s alignment is slightly off, and then progressively gets worse over time. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle’s alignment checked after experiencing a significant impact. The chances are your wheels are misaligned, even if you can’t tell right away. If you actually can tell right away, the alignment service is even more urgent because there could be serious damage.

Schedule Your Alignment Service Today!

As soon as you notice your car veering when you drive, or that your tire’s tread is wearing on one side, come see us. Give us a call to schedule a service appointment time that works best for you. The team at Dob’s Brake & Auto in Oxnard, CA uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform precision wheel alignment services. We look forward to keeping you driving straighter, safer and preserving your tires!